Quality Control


First of all, it is necessary to know the functional requirements and appearance requirements of the fasteners before purchase.

The right material is important and can affect the durability of the product.

The products produced by the low quality material,it’s quality is not guaranteed, easy to break.

Heat treatment, if it does not meet the scope of industry standards, easy to break or screw drivers is easy to distorted.

For products requiring high precision, you need to know the supplier’s instrument testing equipment

For products used under special circumstances, such as high humidity or sea areas. You need to know what kind of material and
plating information from the supplier, The salt spray performance is better, it is related to the rust of the product. Products with
good salt spray performance can be placed for a longer period of time without rusting.

About confidentiality requirements:
We usually display generic products. If your products needs to be kept confidential, please let us know and we will not disclose your design and will not upload it to our website.